Whether you’re overcomed with excitement about winter’s arrival or eagerly trying to hold on to the last rays of sunshine, there is no denying that the first cold-weather days are around the corner.

Along with the many comforting cliches of the season comes an away of easy-to-wear winter trends for women that are simply too good to miss. Amidst the numerous layering possibilities, pleasantly vibrant colors, and figure-hugging silhouettes 2021 has to offer, let’s just say that now is the quintessential time to step out of our sartorial comfort and into sweater weather dressing territory.

Αhead are the top 2021 winter trends for everyone with a lust for comfy yet chic ensembles.

The Ski-inspired fashion trend is here to stay

Source: Marie Claire

Designers are on a mission to keep us warm and cozy throughout the season. From upgraded classics to modern, statement must-haves, the entire cityscape will soon be flooded with an array of quilted clothes as well as comfy jumpsuits, parkas, puffers, and even balaclavas. Luckily for us, the wnter 2021/2022 trends are definitely nothing short of practical and versatile.

Leather for winter 2021 fashion

Souce: joy-pup

Over the last few years, all things leather are equally celebrated. Nonetheless, In 2021 the importance of faux leather is highlighted more than anything. Vegan maxi coats, boots, dresses, and midi skirts that enhance our silhouettes are here to adorn every body type, shape, and gender.

Denim on denim

Souce:Lucy Chadwick photographed by @styledumonde.

Head-to-toe denim was fall’s biggest fashion trend, and it has now turned into a foolproof winter staple for any wardrobe arsenal.  Experiment with patchwork pieces, opt for a range of washed-out styles or put your trust in the classic blue denim we all know and love.

Strikingly-printed jackets and coats

Source: refinery29

As we mentioned, 2021 winter fashion is drenched in mood-enhancing, otherworldly rich color palettes that are here to uplift our spirits. This couldn’t be more true for the ultimate power-printed jacket trend. The styling possibilities are endless.

Flirtatious sheer

Flirtatious Mesh

Source: whowhatwear

Granted, mesh dresses, tops, and jumpsuits don’t make that much sense at first glance, however, thanks to the art of layering, lightweight sheer effortlessly adds a bit of edge to every outfit while still being chic, elegant, and weather-appropriate.

Puff-sleeves galore


Last, but certainly not least, puff sleeves are once again here to upgrade even the simplest of outfits with ease. They are absolutely dominating the fashion sphere as one of the most elevated ways to dress to impress.

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