The innovation in fashion is increasing and COVID-19 is also chasing the luxury fashion from Milan to Paris globally. It is a real loss for the retailers, designers, and shopkeepers.

The fashion houses and individual designers around the world show their latest designed ready-to-wear clothes for every season twice a year. It develops an international traveling spectacle of reporters, the high authority customers, retailers, executives, professionals, influencers, and audience traveling from New York to London to Milan and lastly to Paris.

The upset of COVID-19 in mid-February and caravan’s appearance in Milan, and coronavirus in Italy, then a country badly hit by the COVID-19 exterior of Asia.

In this way, thousands of people were astounded for some weeks: would it will become public health danger globally, heading of conveyance from the best front series of fashion events to the larger world?

The final part of this longer tour appeared for seven days on 24th February. There were 14 coronavirus cases on the first day of show in France. However, there were 200+ cases by the last day of show and France had placed restrictions on the gathering of 5000+ people in the enclosed places.

Several participants slept divested, a few were coughing and sneezing due to the cold weather. Fashion designing brands were wearing face masks before showcasing their products. Many well-known American magazine editors and customers: The New York Time Magazine left Paris earlier and some did not arrive.

The famous events had only up to a thousand guests. One of the events was held in a closed plastic tube that was like a petri dish.

From midweek, Americans in New York started to make strategies with their employers about going back to the U.S. There were questions in employees’ minds such as would they work from home or self-quarantine?

At Paris Fashion Week, the penultimate event happened at Lacoste in which twenty to thirty percent of media guests did not come.

There were some inauthentic and false rumors during the event week. The people were saying “Miu Miu event will be cancelled”. However, the event was held as scheduled but the designer Miuccia Prada did not host the post-show and greet. She had performed less ritual than her earlier show in Milan.

In Italy, transport was grounded and there was a rumor about Louis Vuitton to use the personal jet of head Bernard Arnault of the parent company, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, and third richest man globally, to take its handbags from coronavirus-affected Italy to the less-affected France.

The chief executive Michael Burke of Louis Vuitton responded to a rumor that “I wish I could manufacture jets”.

On Tuesday, the Vuitton show took place in the covered courtyard in the Louvre, Antonio Belloni.  The managing director of the company was gesturing paw bumps rather than shaking hands with the people according to the industry standard.

The chief executive Sidney Toledano of LVMH Fashion Group had shared the hand sanitizer in the form of pocket-sized bottles with chairman of Conde, Jonathan Newhouse, and their wives.

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